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Business Security

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Access Control

Limiting access to your facilities is one of the best ways to protect yourself, employees, and your facilities from unauthorized entry. Having a way to limit access to your facilities is just as important if not more so than protecting your computers from hackers and viruses. If someone can't get into a restricted area then they can't damage or steal information, products, merchandise, or harm your business in many other ways. Knowing that no one will accidentally or maliciously get into somewhere that they are not supposed to can bring you peace of mind and confidence to concentrate on what you need to get done without distraction.

We offer a wide range of access control technology and will tailor the system to your unique needs. It doesn't matter whether you have only a room or several buildings, we can set up what you need to protect yourself and your company. Some of the options we offer are audio and video intercom systems and card readers. Using these and the other security solutions we offer, you can protect your business and employees.

  • Make sure employees are opening and closing on time.
  • Ensure no one enters private offices or sensitive
    cabinets without your knowledge.
  • Track customer traffic in and out of your business.
  • View daily reports on office usage from every sensor.
  • Arm the security system automatically or remotely,
    even when employees forget.
  • Receive notifications right to your cell phone, iPhone,
    BlackBerry or other mobile device

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