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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Keypad is Beeping. How do I silence it?

  • A. Enter 4-digit code.
  • B. If that does not work, push # key twice and enter the 4-digit code again.
  • C. Enter the 4-digit code twice.
  • D. Yank Keypad off wall! -no!

2. Keypad says "service required". What do I do?

  • A. Press * 2 (page 21 of Keypad Manual next)

3. Keypad says "Control Fail to Comm". What do I do?

  • A. Press # key twice
  • B. If it is still there, press *44, enter your 4-digit passcode to silence the siren, then call Central Station.

4. Keypad says "control low battery". What do I do?

  • A. Fill out the request form.

5. Keypad says "control phone trouble". What do I do?

  • A. Confirm telephone line is operational.
  • B. Press the # key twice.
  • C. Press *44, enter your 4-digit passcode to silence the siren, then call Central Station.

6. Keypad says "Control Power Trouble". What do I do?

  • A. Confirm that the transformer (block that plugs into the wall) is indeed plugged in.
  • B. Check to see if the branch circuit breaker powering the alarm system transformer is tripped in the electrical panel.
  • C. If you wish, plug an electrical device (a hairdryer, for example) into the outlet to confirm there is power going to it.
  • D. If there is power to the outlet but not to the alarm system, please fill out the request form below or call our office.

** Put your account on test first

(When changing batteries or troubleshooting the system always put your account on test first to avoid triggering a false alarm).

  • A. After changing batteries in a door or window sensor, open and close the door or window twice to clear any low battery signal. If this does not fix it, call or email Cottage Watchman.

Smoke Detector low battery:

  • A. Remove the old battery.
  • B. Leave the batteries out for a minimum 1-2 hours.
  • C. Then install new batteries and reinstall the device.
  • D. Push the Test button until the siren sounds.
  • E. Enter the 4-digit code
  • F. Press *7 on keypad to reset the smoke detector.
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