Cell Phone Boosters

Cell Phone Boosters

Commercial Watchman offers a singularly helpful service of the modern world, that of cellular phone signal boosting. If your cell phone has a tendency to drop out, or your data rates are slow, our cell signal boosting equipment will be able to help. We will install a cellular signal booster wherever you need, giving you full bars anywhere in your building and allow you to access all the conveniences of the modern cellular world.

Mobile Solutions

Whether you're traveling on the road, camping in a remote area or on the water, Commercial Watchman offers three categories of cell phone signal boosters to keep you connected on the move! Additionally, optional packages (or kits) are available to provide greater portability and use in buildings.


Wireless boosters require no physical connection between the booster and your cell phone or data devices. Wireless boosters are powerful enough to support multiple cell phones and data devices simultaneously.

Cradle Boosters

Built into each of Wilson's all-in-one Cradle Boosters is a signal booster, internal antenna, cell phone holder, and battery charger. It is ideal for hands free operation, and can be used with your Bluetooth device, handset or phone's speaker. The Cradle Booster product line includes the Sleek, Commercial Watchman's most affordable and compact cell signal booster, the Sleek 4G-V to boost 2G, 3G and 4G signal* and coming soon the Sleek 4G-A and Sleek 4G-C.

* The Sleek 4G-V works with all devices on conventional 2G and 3G networks, as well as the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network

Direct Connect

Direct Connect signal boosters require a physical connection to the phone and are designed for one user at a time. They powerfully amplify signal directly into your cell phone or cellular data card, allowing you to get maximum signal performance for rural or remote locations at a great value.