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NetworkingEvery business today uses computers and the internet for the transfer of massive amounts of data. Making sure that your data stays safe, so that only those that see it are who you want to see it, is important and is something we can assist you with. Cottage Watchman can connect you to all your data in a safe and secure manner allowing you to limit and track who accesses your data, keeping it safe. We offer a full network package with administrative software which will allow you to create users and get reports on all your systems.

Efficient, effective media transmission

IFS Transmission represents the full gamut of solutions from analog to digital, offering a seamless migration path to leading technology. Our comprehensive selection of Digital Fiber, Network, Media Converters and UTP products deliver robust performance and are easy to install, making IFS your one-source transmission solutions provider for new and existing applications.

Digital Fiber

Our fiber products represent the latest advancements in fiber-optic technology. Offering an extensive selection of analog and digital fiber optic transmission options, we provide some of the industry's most innovative solutions for fiber transmission.


The new line of IFS network switches provides enterprise-class features and is engineered with high bandwidth, isolated PoE ports, integrated SFP fiber ports and browser-based Web Services that deliver powerful performance that's easy to use.

Legacy IFS and Fiber Options

You also have continued access to legacy IFS products that have a long-standing reputation for high performance and ease of use. Our fiber-optic transmission solutions deliver optimum image quality while delivering extensive bandwidth to accommodate multiple applications.